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About Us

EU Banking Supervision

Credissimo adheres to the highest regulatory requirements and has been strictly supervised by multiple European Banking and Financial Services Regulators since 2007.

$120 million Loans Granted
$155 million Cash Collected

Credissimo is a leading European FinTech Group founded in 2007

  • Credissimo utilizes innovative proprietary technology to provide:
    • Instant Online Consumer Loans
    • E-commerce Financing
    • Bill Payment Services
  • Credissimo is a market leader in the Online Consumer Lending segment in several European countries
  • Our competitive advantage is encoded in our business know-how that we have developed in more than 10 years of experience - efficient business model, cutting-edge technology solutions and visionary management are the key drivers of our longstanding success


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Credit Rating Upgrade (Stable Perspective)

10 Years of FinTech Success

Credissimo Founded

Four entrepreneurs set out to disrupt the inefficient lending market by providing convenient online consumer loan products. This was possible through adoption of the latest technologies

Proprietary Process Automation

Credissimo developed in-house an innovative technology that introduced automated, near-instant credit approval seven days a week

E-Commerce & Utility Bill Payments

Driven by a vision to provide convenient solutions for its customers, Credissimo diversified its products and introduced e-commerce financing and direct utility bill payments – 300+ merchants onboarded

Mobile Adoption

The development of a user-friendly mobile website and iPhone/Android apps allowed the company to process over 1,000,000 online loan applications

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

On May 7, 2014, Credissimo successfully listed 2.5 million shares on the public markets

Big Data Scoring & Analytics

Adopting Machine Learning and Big Data technology further enhanced Credissimo's loan scoring algorithms

Bitcoin & Chatbot Integration

Credissimo pioneered a Bitcoin loan repayment option. The company was also the first consumer lender in the world to launch an automated lending Chatbot (for which it received "Innovation of the Year" Award)

FinTech Award

Credissimo reached the Top 10 Alternative Finance in European FinTech Awards 2017 and received two Forbes Business Awards 2017 for “Financial Sector Innovations” and “Quality of Services”


By continuing to work at the technological frontier, Credissimo is powering the world's first instant crypto-backed loans

Our Mission

Over the past 10 years, we have been providing instant loans to millions of people across Europe. We believe that the expanding digital world helps improve our lives. We would like to contribute by providing

The World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans

Yobank - enjoy your crypto wealth today without selling your crypto assets!

Our Vision

In its historical development, Credissimo has been identifying and successfully solving inefficiencies on lending markets by creating innovative and convenient financing solutions.

By applying blockchain technology, Yobank is Credissimo's answer to solving the lack of financing for the new digital economy.

Powered by 10 years of Credissimo's expertise, Yobank is offering the world's first instant crypto-backed loans.